About MarketShare Distributions

About Us

MarketShare Distribution was formed in 2010 by experts from the Gift and Specialty Markets Industry and Distribution and Logistics Industry. They recognized growing needs from both the retailer and the gift product manufacturer, and found a way to streamline and service both parties. 

The independent gift retailers prefer the varied and distinctive product lines being available from one source, to be acquired on one order, and delivered on one shipment. This saves the retailer freight costs and makes the bookkeeping more efficient by only having to provide one invoice. At the same time many talented gift product manufacturer’s were spending more time trying to build a sales network, attending gift shows to sell their product, invoicing and following up with slow paying accounts, rather than actually developing their line and producing their product.

The owners of MarketShare Distribution combined their 35 years of experience in sales and marketing to the gift and specialty retail market, and over 15 years of experience in the distribution and logistics business to create an exciting and unique solution for both the gift market retailer and the gift product manufacturer. The result is MarketShare Distribution.  We are uniquely positioned to help both gift market retailers and manufacturers increase their market share and become more efficient, and in turn, more profitable.