MarketShare Distribution Sales and Customer Service

Sales & Customer Service

Let’s face it, time is a precious commodity. Time is essential to you having the time to be creative and expand your product line. Having to switch between being an artisan and a salesperson is tiring and often holds you back from excelling as much as you would like at either job.

Sometimes customers have issues with their orders or their shipments or just need that extra special attention. This all takes time and patience to deal with in order to handle properly and professionally.

By allowing MarketShare Distribution to become part of your team, you will gain access to an established sales team with over 20 years of experience in phone, in-store merchandising, tradeshows, and the marketing and sales fields.

Your customers will also have access to experienced customer service representatives with problem solving skills and the ability to turn a customer service “problem” into a customer service “opportunity”.

Imagine being able to gain a nationwide sales presence and the support of an experienced customer service team with just one phone call. You can do it by contacting MarketShare Distribution today.